Supporting Veterans

At Camp Southern Ground, we are dedicated to serving veterans struggling with transition from active service to civilian life, and those struggling with post-traumatic stress. Our veteran programs, Warrior Week and Warrior PATHH, are founded on the premise that when men and women enlist to protect our country, we have an obligation to honor their service and sacrifice, and care for them upon their return home.

Our Commitment

If you’ve ever attended a Zac Brown Band concert, you’ve seen his support manifested in a very authentic and public way. Each time “Chicken Fried” is played, Zac and the band invite to the stage a local member of the military to honor them and the sacrifices they have made for our country – an emotional moment in front of tens of thousands of cheering fans.

Zac is now sharing his unwavering commitment to patriotism with the children at Camp Southern Ground.

Instilling Patriotism

At Camp Southern Ground one of our most important missions is to instill a patriotic spirit in our children and teach them the value of being good patriots.

Campers participate in a flag ceremony each morning and evening, which includes instruction on proper handling techniques when honoring the American Flag. They learn first-hand the care and pride of raising, lowering and folding our nation’s flag according to official protocol and military tradition.

We Can Never Repay

Camp Southern Ground will support those who have served our country by offering a summer camp experience to those children who are coping with the deployment of a parent, or those who have lost a loved one in service to our country. We know that experiencing outdoor adventures and building lifelong relationships provides a comforting respite for these youngsters.

Support Of Our Military Families

As part of Zac Brown’s unwavering commitment to our American freedoms and Armed Services, Camp Southern Ground is proud to partner with Boot Campaign and Chris Kyle Frog Foundation in support of military families.

With the support of Boot Campaign and Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, Camp Southern Ground’s Adventure Center is well underway.

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