Space Crab Treehouse

The aptly titled Space Crab Treehouse, located just out of sight on Camp Southern Ground, was named for its unique structure and its close resemblance to a horseshoe crab. Designed in part by Zac Brown and Pete Nelson of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters, the Space Crab is the perfect getaway for a corporate retreat or high-level think tank session.

This hideaway in the woods offers serene views of Camp Southern Ground’s lush greenery, while also offering your team the quietness to create and the exclusivity to come together and share ideas.

  • Custom menus available from our very own culinary team led by Executive Chef Collins Wood
  • Wheelchair accessible 230 ft ADA ramp leading up to the treehouse
  • Beautiful deck offers open outdoor space for fresh air breaks and relaxation
  • The treehouse is full of windows allowing plenty of natural light and clear views of nature
  • Glass telescoping doors open fully to fill the space with fresh air
  • AV CAPABILITIES: 4 monitors mounted at ceiling with sound bar, Apple TV, DVD player, HDMI input to four monitors
  • Flooring is made of beautiful recycled engineered wood by Terra Mai, and wide plank engineered wood for walls and ceilings
  • Beautiful handmade Parota wood table from South America designed by ZB Customs. The 1,500 lb table with steel legs perfectly nestles into the ceiling
  • Suspension table in raised position creates a transitional space with beanbags providing a more informal, relaxed setting
  • Seats 12 at the round boardroom suspension table
  • 800 square feet inside treehouse with a 300 square foot outdoor deck
  • With table suspended, the treehouse can seat up to 25 in chair circle formation; several beanbags are available for casual use of the space
  • Additional seating available in two benches handmade in the ZB Customs shop from Taylor Guitar Wood
  • Zinc panels envelop the building, contributing to Zac's 100 year build plan
  • Space Crab Treehouse is nestled within the trees on 400 acres

For more information, contact:

Jessica Kilgallen:

[email protected]