Summer Jobs

Come be a part of the Remedy at Camp Southern Ground. As a summer staff member you will enthusiastically be a part of a talented team with a passion for enhancing the minds of younger generations. Working at camp is one of the best summer experiences you can have that provides both challenges and expands relationships. We are currently seeking team members who are gifted in specific areas of camp life and have a passion for working with kids with different abilities!

Applications for Summer 2020 Are Now Open! 

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Before Applying

Before you even think about really applying at Camp Southern Ground please read these points:

1) We are inclusive!

As an inclusive camp our camper population is made up of typically developing kids, kids with neurodevelopmental challenges such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, kids from military families and kids from undeserved communities. You will work with kids who are very different to you, and some of them will be very challenging and require a lot of patience and love.

2) We expect a lot

Working at CSG requires you to put yourself second and the kids first. You will be dirty, sweaty, tired, and stressed everyday - but we will expect you to push through with a smile! We're here for the kids. 

3) You will change lives - including yours!

Working at CSG means helping a child to make their first friend, to be away from home for the first time, or to try something they have never done before. The kids you work with will adore you and you will be their hero. If you are ready to take on the hardest job you'll ever love, start your application below!

Application Process

All summer staff positions are on-site (you live at camp!) for the entire summer season.

Dates for Summer Season - Staff Begin on either May 25th or May 29th depending on position. Season ends Aug 1.


1. Complete your application, including submitting a resume during the application

2. You will be asked to complete a one-way video interview

3. Qualified candidates will be scheduled for an in person or online interview with the camp director or program director

4. References will be contacted

5. Jobs will be offered to the best of the best!

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  • Can I just work a week or part of the summer?
    • No. All Summer Staff must commit to the entire season to ensure the quality of community for our kids. 
  • How much time off do I get? 
    • Staff get about an hour off per day, and one day off per week. 
  • Can I apply if I'm still in High School? 
    • Applicants must have completed High School before applying
  • Do you accept summer volunteers? 
    • Due to the diverse group of campers we serve, we only allow paid staff to work with our summer campers. 
  • What is the policy on electronics at camp? 
    • Staff will have limited access to phones or other electronics during camp. Most positions will not be allowed to have phones except during their off time.

Contact Us

We know that you probably have other questions and we want to answer them for you! We know your child is the most important thing in your life and we want to earn your trust long before camp starts. So give us a call or send us your email! Tell us about your future camper and how we can help provide an amazing summer experience.