Summer Camp 2021

A Letter From Our Camp Director

Every year at a summer camp is a little bit different from the one before. There's always new staff and new campers, maybe even a few new activities on offer around camp - but this year was something different. After having to make the difficult call to cancel summer camp in 2020, this was the year we were determined to show that camp, like life, is Better Together. We saw that it was true on the first day of camp! Everyone was a little more nervous, everyone was a little more awkward, but as the days and weeks went on during camp, we could see the connections grow and as one of our parents said in her end of camp survey, "The light came back to my child's eyes." More than anything else, we reminded kids about what it means to be a kid, and the joy and play that followed was a truly beautiful thing.

Of course, another beautiful thing this summer was our brand-new pool! Every camper got to use our new pool almost every day at camp, and as part of our inclusion efforts, we even started offering swim lessons as the summer went on. We taught at least 10 kids how to swim in our pool this summer, even one camper who was 17 learned how to swim! Yet our success didn't stop there, as our brand-new bike pump track was also a huge hit this summer. With options for advanced riders all the way down to first time riders, our new track was able to accommodate all of our campers as they explored all they can do. We taught over 30 kids how to ride a bike for the very first time this summer, and one of our own summer camp counselors even learned to ride for the first time. All of this in a camp that was 100% Covid-free for the entire summer!

It was a summer of growth, connection, and learning, filled with laughter and friendships being made between campers who might be very different from one another. We knew camp would be better together, but we didn't quite know just how much better, and how great it would feel to all of us to finally be together again.

Scott Hicok
Camp Director
Camp Southern Ground