Jennifer Selke Ph.D.

Dr. Jennifer Selke is a UC Berkeley-trained psychologist, faculty member, and strengths expert helping high performing individuals maximize their strengths to reach a goal, solve a problem, get direction, and figure out life. Since 2003, she has used Gallup’s strengths-based management model to successfully manage one of the nation’s largest summer camp programs at the University of California at Berkeley, employing approximately 150 high school and college students each summer. Her on the ground experience putting strengths-based management into practice for the last 23 years gives her a unique perspective on how organizations can take strengths beyond their one day workshop. Another specialization Dr. Selke brings to the Clifton Strengths movement is her expertise in training and managing a diverse workforce including generational diversity and neurodiversity.

She runs an inclusion job skills program which provides workplace coaching for teens and adults with Asperger syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, and Learning Disabilities. As a school psychologist, Dr. Selke specializes in the assessment and social coaching for middle school students. A strengths approach helps her describe what the student can do both academically and neurologically. Creating a picture of the students’ capabilities rather than their deficits helps the parents and the school see struggling students in a new light. Dr. Selke is often asked to speak at conferences on the newest generation of workers since she is always the first to employ them at summer camp. Companies hire her to talk about Millennials and Gen Z, their culture, trends, the latest research focusing on this group and its future implications for employee engagement, motivation, retention, and workplace adaptations.