Camp Southern Ground

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions we receive about Camp Southern Ground:

Q: What children will Camp Southern Ground serve?

A:  Our camper population will include children with typically developing needs, those with mild to moderate neurodevelopmental disabilities, those from socio-economically challenged environments, and from military families.

Q: Outside the 9 weeks of summer camp, will the facility be used for other purposes?

A:  Camp Southern Ground will also be a host facility for special interest groups, as well as weekend retreats for parents and families of special needs children. Other plans include using camp facilities for corporate retreats, conferences, and special events, which will generate sustainable revenue for camp operations.

Q: How are donations currently being invested/spent?

A: Initially, donations are being invested in the design and construction build-out of the camp site and facility. Many of the planning and construction costs are being paid for by donations from third party partners. After the construction is completed, donations will be targeted towards providing programming for campers, as well as endowing the camp for years to come. Donations toward camper scholarships are dedicated to this purpose.

Q: Do any of Zac Brown’s children have neurological disorders? And if not, why is he so passionate about this mission?

A: No, none of Zac’s children or immediate family members have neurological disorders; however, many of his closest friends and extended family have faced these issues.

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