What Different Can Do

Atlanta, GA

Thank you to everyone that joined us this April as we celebrated What Different Can Do, an awareness campaign designed to flip the perception of different on its head. Kids who are neurodiverse are often considered "different" and sidelined, marginalized, isolated, even bullied by others, having a detrimental impact on child's self-esteem, confidence, and mental health.

Through the experience of summer camp, Camp Southern Ground celebrates every child as unique, and send them home with a mindset to see others through a new lens – one that recognizes differences as assets. One that changes the world for good.

At Camp Southern Ground we bring together kids from varied backgrounds – neurodiverse, military, underserved, and children of color – to celebrate the differences that make us stronger. Through our inclusion model we ensure every child build empathy, understands differences and celebrates their own strengths to create a positive ripple effect for life.

You are still invited to help us celebrate different and support inclusion by following us and sharing our posts on Facebook and Instagram, checking out our CSGatHome blog, and giving today! Thanks to your support, more than 700 children will benefit from the changing experience of summer camp!

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