Stories with Stan

Let’s take this time of social distancing tobring our families closer together! One way to do that is by reading as a family.As some of you may know, I’m passionate about literacy and reading aloud is one of my favorite things to do! As a kid I loved having stories read to me and I still do to this day.I compare a good read aloud to having front row seats at a theater watching your favorite play.

With that being said, today, I’ll be launchingStories With Stan! I will be releasing two read alouds a week onTuesdays and Fridays at 10am!I can’t wait to share some of my favorite stories with you!

For the next few weeks I will be sending out some examples of reading activities and some extra resources you can use during this time!

Activity #1: Read Aloud

For all children, especially younger children, it's advised that parents find time throughout the day to read books with their kids. When creating your daily schedule for you kids, maybe add in two-three scheduled times for a quick 3-5 minute read aloud. I know access to books may be tough during this time, but try to make these stories intentional so that you can use them to reflect on later during the day. Make sure when you read that it's interactive. You don’t want to read at the kids, you should encourage them to talk about pictures, predict what will happen next in the story, and what the characters feel. I would love to hear what you all are reading to you kids, so send me a shout!

Online Read Alouds: There are lots of great people reading books aloud for you and your family,you can find lots of great stories atStoryline Online.

Josh Gad (also known as Olaf from frozen) willbe reading aloud daily.You can find his storiesat this link.

Thank you for tuning in and there will be more literacy resources to come! “Always remember to be kind, and never judge a person, or a book, by its cover.” - Stan Tucker