How to Make Home Learning Fun!

How are your homeschooling adventures going? We know school has been pretty up in the air for most of you. Some of you have kids who are still doing school online, but you want to make sure they're learning as much as they can while they're stuck at home. I want to share some resources that I found with you, that should be helpful during this time. Several of these resources you can leave your kids to explore on their own, engaging them, and giving you some free time to catch up on your own work.

For those of you with kids who love their computer games, some good uses for screen time could be the Minecraft-Educational Edition. Minecraft is a game loved by many of all ages and can be very time consuming. Minecraft released an educational version to promote creativity, collaboration, and problem solving. Minecraft is making this edition available for free until June for anyone with an office 365 email address.

Brainpop has videos on almost any educational topic. You can just search whatever you're looking for, like "bugs" and fun, kid inspired videos will be available. For families who love to have something playing in the background, the San Diego Zoo could be a peaceful alternative. The San Diego Zoo has a wide variety of animals available on quality live streams.

Kids learn better when they're studying something that is fascinating to them. I know that all of your kids have different gifts and talents so I've included a few resources for some typical school subjects that may spark their interest.

Science: For kids who are fascinated with outer space, NASA Kids Club is free to explore! They can learn about expeditions, play games, and do other crafts and activities.

Art: A popular Youtube Channel is Art for Kids Hub and teaches kids how to make cartoons and other sketches.

Social Studies: One Globe Kids is offering a free trial until May. On this site, kids can learn about the lives of other kids all over the world. It's good for kids to learn that the world is big and we all grow up very differently.

Math: Games are a good way to get some extra math practice, without having to fill out worksheets.

Engineering: Lego Challenges - who doesn't enjoy some building fun? And this one doesn't even involve screen time! Lego has a month's worth of challenges to keep your children's brains being creative, building new things.

Please let us know what kind of educational resources you have been using to keep your kids learning and engaged! We know you guys are quickly becoming the best teachers you can and we want to support you along the way. Please let us know if there are any resources you're looking for and we'll see what we can find for you!