Cooking with Collins - Ultimate Easter Roast

With everything going on right now, it may have been easy to forget that tomorrow is Easter! To help you prepare for tomorrow's festivities, I'm sending you a recipe to make a DELICIOUS roast. You can set this up in your Crock-Pot in the morning and leave it all day, worry-free, while your family is enjoying other activities.Below is a link to download the instructions for the recipe for easy reading. On the third page is a shopping list to help you easily navigate your way through the grocery store or complete a Pick-Up List.

Download the Recipe!

This pot roast is kid approved, nutritious & delicious, and a complete meal! Though there are a few steps on the front end of this recipe, it’s an easy process and well worth it! Once you get it all in the slow cooker, it's smooth sailing until it's time to eat. The key to this is preparation and planning. For example, if your family wants to eat dinner sometime around 6-7pm, you’ll want to start the process around 9am. This meal is good stand-alone, but it never hurts to add in another steamed or sautéed vegetable, or a side salad to kick up the nutrition and satiation. 

Don't forget to do some Easter classics tomorrow:

  1. Have an Easter Egg Hunt
  2. Dye Easter Eggs - to make designs on your eggs, color a picture on the eggs, with a white crayon, before dyeing
  3. Do an egg toss or have fun with some Easter coloring pages
  4. Check out Merrick's Art for more ideas on how to make Easter decorations, some Easter desserts, and other games and activities

I hope all of you have an amazing day full of love and family fun, enjoy the pot roast! Happy Easter, love you guys!