Camp Southern Ground


An Update on CSG’s Certified Organic Farm

As Camp Southern Ground’s Organic Farm goes into a quiet period over the winter, there is work happening behind the scenes for the upcoming growing season and the approaching summer camp.

This fall we planted almost 40 pounds of garlic. Garlic is self-sustainable, a portion of which becomes the seed crop for the next year. We’ll certainly have plenty for garlic bread and pesto for the campers! We also individually planted over 3000 Georgia sweet onions! And lastly we planted around 1100 strawberries. These three crops will make most of their growth underground for the next month and then take off growing as the days lengthen and the soil warms in the spring. The strawberries will ripen in April and May, and the kitchen staff will preserve them for summer use. The onions and garlic will be harvested in May – just before camp gets up and running.

There is always ongoing maintenance in the Organic Farm over the winter. The brambles will be trellised, and while the thornless blackberries are easy, the tiny sharp thorns on the raspberries require patience! Ongoing work continues on prepping the fields for production, with lots of rocks in portions of the beds to be plowed out and hauled off.

The real fun starts mid-January as the farm team will actually put seeds in potting soil in the new greenhouse. The first seeds will be cabbage, with seedlings growing for about 6 weeks which will have them ready to go into the garden around the first of March.