We're in this together!

We know that this is a difficult time for families all across America, most likely with your kids at home from school and you with them depending on your situation. Please find some helpful resources below to keep your kids learning and growing and help YOU survive your time at home. Please know we’re here for you and don’t hesitate to reach out if we can assist your family in any way!

Gratitude Keeps us Balanced

While you're settling in to a new and unexpected routine, we know that this comes with daily challenges and exhaustion. We'd like to share some ideas with you to keep your family inspired by positivity. Gratitude goes a long way in promoting healthy attitudes in our families. When we seek the positive, we are less anxious and stressed, and more focused and kind.

Activities with Amber - Bubble Crafts!

With all of these warm days up ahead, I'm sure you are wondering how you are going to get your kids outside and keep them entertained. Well, we are popping in with some fun bubble activities to keep your kids busy for hours (see what I did there)! The activities below only require a few supplies,  and will result in lots of fun!

Stories with Stan - My Pet Book

Do you remember your very first pet? Were you excited to name him or her? In this episode, we will travel to smarty town and read about a boy who wanted a pet that was easy. He didn’t want a dog or cat; This young boy wanted a book as a pet! Maybe after reading this story, you too will adopt a pet book. Enjoy!

Morning and Evening Routines

With it being a few weeks in of this "social distancing" thing, do you feel like you've gotten the hang of it yet? Yeah, neither do we. That's why we are here with some more information that may help the mornings and evenings a little easier on you and your kids. We think that the best way to incorporate a routine is to start early in the morning and keep it going all day.

Grilling with Chef Jonathan

With the gorgeous weather we have upon us, it's a great time for some outdoor grilling. We are sharing an fun and amazing recipe with you today that'll feed the family and get you outside for a bit! 

Ideas to Help with Picky Eaters!

We've had some fun putting together new recipes to send to you that hopefully the whole family will enjoy. While spending extra time at home, this is a perfect opportunity to be exploring new recipes with your family. However, we know that some of you have some very picky eaters on your hands, you want them to try new foods in an easy and stress-free way, and we have some tips to share with you.

Stories with Stan - You Never Heard of Willie Mays?!

Yesterday was opening day for the 2020 Major League Baseball Season. Like many other things in this country, it has been postponed but what a perfect opportunity to share a story about one of baseball’s greatest of all time! “You never heard about Willie Mays?!” is a biography by Jonah Winter that gives you an informal, but fun view into the life of Willie Mays.

How to Make Home Learning Fun!

We know school has been pretty up in the air for most of you. Some of you have kids who are still doing school online, but you want to make sure they're learning as much as they can while they're stuck at home. We want to share some resources that I found with you, that should be helpful during this time. Several of these resources you can leave your kids to explore on their own, engaging them, and giving you some free time to catch up on your own work!

Camping at Home for the Whole Family

One of our favorite things to do at CSG is to have evening campfires. While it may be difficult to recreate a typical camping experience, we encourage you and your family to get creative and bring some aspects of camp into your home!

Stories with Stan

Let’s continue to bring our families closer together during this time with reading.I hope you enjoyed the first episode of Stories with Stan, and thank you to those who reached out and told me they did! Today and in the upcoming weeks I’ll be sharing stories by my favorite children’s book author, Kobi Yamada. His new book, "Maybe", is a MUST have for every household. It reminds us that we are all here for a reason and we all have potential to do great things. Enjoy :)

Cleaning and Growing!

Happy Monday! You've probably noticed that your house gets messy a lot faster now that everyone is home all day. You think you cleaned a room and you turnaround;how did it get messy in the 2 seconds you looked away!?If you're not already doing so, this is a good time to start implementing chores for the whole family.

Cooking with Collins - Stir Fry!

I'm Collins, the Chef here at Camp Southern Ground! I know a

lot of you are cooped up in your houses right now and there's no better time to start cooking family meals with your kids. I'm going to walk you through one of my favorite recipes that the whole family should love, a vegetable stir-fry.

Stories with Stan

Let’s take this time of social distancing tobring our families closer together! One way to do that is by reading as a family.As some of you may know, I’m passionate about literacy and reading aloud is one of my favorite things to do! As a kid I loved having stories read to me and I still do to this day.I compare a good read aloud to having front row seats at a theater watching your favorite play.

Make a Musical Instrument!

Amber and I know how unexpectedly difficult times are right now and we are compiling and creating resources to send to you for fun and engagement for the entire family.There are 2 things that are absolutely essential to our camp programming: Music and Arts & Crafts! Right now, we're going to walk you through a fun craft that brings these 2 things together.

Structure and Routines at Home

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy! All of us at CSG are now working from home, probably like many of you. We encourage you to focus on caring for family right now, but we know that overnight, many of you went from parents to parent/teacher/home chef/janitor and it can be overwhelming! We are here to help! We know all about keeping kids in one place for a while and we want to share some of what we've learned.