What Different Can Do is an awareness campaign to flip the perception of different on its head. Kids who are neurodiverse are often considered "different" and sidelined, marginalized, isolated, even bullied by others, having a detrimental impact on child's self-esteem, confidence, and mental health.

Through the experience of summer camp, Camp Southern Ground celebrates every child as unique, and send them home with a mindset to see others through a new lens – one that recognizes differences as assets. One that changes the world for good.

Join Camp Southern Ground this April for a fully integrated campaign. With your help, more than 600 children can benefit from the changing experience of summer camp.

We hope you'll join us in spreading the word about this important campaign. Below you will find some curated social media posts that we'd love for you to share with your audience.


  • Camp Southern Ground celebrates differences — from unique camper's needs to sensory-inclusive facilities design, from Individual Camper Success Plans to dedicated Behavioral Analysts. Camp is where we all belong.
  • At Camp Southern Ground, we celebrate differences. When the world sees different, we see secret strengths.
  • Here, we celebrate individual differences and so much more. We give kids the tools and encouragement to go back into the world with eyes to see what different can do.
  • When kids with different backgrounds and abilities come together, they experience inclusion and learn acceptance. They begin to believe in themselves and understand that their differences are their strengths. That's what different can do.



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Sample copy:
  • Being different isn’t always easy, especially if you’re a kid. Kids can be teased for what they wear or what they look like. Kids with behavioral or social challenges can be seen as “different” and pushed to the sideline. We are proud to partner with @CampSouthernGround in seeing every child for the unique young person they are. Join us and #celebratedifferent: campsouthernground.org/april #WhatDifferentCanDo
  • All kids deserve to experience acceptance, inclusion, adventure, and fun. Our friends at @CampSouthernGround give kids of all backgrounds and on all spectrums an unforgettable week of camp that celebrates their unique differences. Join us and help all kids see #WhatDifferentCanDo: campsouthernground.org/april
  • Our friends at @CampSouthernGround #celebratedifferent and so much more. At summer camp, kids are given the tools and encouragement to go back into the world with eyes to see #WhatDifferentCanDo. Join us campsouthernground.org/april
  • Kids who feel accepted and included then show acceptance and inclusion to others. And that can change the world. We're excited to support @CampSouthernGround and #celebratedifferent all month long. Join us and give more kids the life- and world-changing experience of summer camp: campsouthernground.org/april #WhatDifferentCanDo
  • We're proud to join our friends @CampSouthernGround #celebratedifferent and #supportinclusion all month long. Join us and help give 600 kids an unforgettable camp experience of inclusion, acceptance, and adventure this summer: campsouthernground.org/april #WhatDifferentCanDo


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